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Laser Skin Tightening And Resurfacing

How does laser resurfacing work?
Laser resurfacing uses a laser beam, either Carbon Dioxide or Erbium, to selectively remove damaged areas of the skin. Once the damaged skin is removed, new skin will form, from the hair follicles and oil glands, where it has been protected from the sun's rays.

Is laser resurfacing painful?
When laser resurfacing is performed, local anaesthetic is usually necessary, otherwise it may be uncomfortable. If large areas are being treated, a twilight sleep, will produce maximum comfort. Following laser resurfacing a special clear thin plastic dressing is used, to promote healing, and minimize pain.

How long does the improvement last after laser resurfacing?
Improvement in wrinkles will last for many years after laser resurfacing, if the skin is looked after. Smoking, and excessive sun exposure will lead to new damage to collagen fibres, so new wrinkles can appear.

Side Effects
After laser skin resurfacing, certain side effects may arise among certain patients. However, these are usually relatively minor and should fade away in a short time. Common side effects include redness of the skin, swelling of the treated area, and moderate irritation similar to the feeling produced by a mild sunburn. In rare cases involving laser skin resurfacing, side effects such as burning, scarring, or a change in the pigmentation of the skin have occurred.