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Laser/IPL Hair Removal

How does laser work in hair removal?
The laser beams are attracted to brown or black colors which are present in the hair bulb, selectively destroying the hair bulb, while preserving normal skin. Only hairs in the growing phase, will be affected by the laser beam. Hairs that are in the resting phase will not be affected.

How successful is laser hair removal?
Laser is successful in reducing hair growth. The more treatments the greater the reduction. Dark hair is the easiest to treat. Lighter or finer hair is more difficult, it responds better to Arora treatment.

How many treatments are needed?
Most people require a treatment once every 3-6 weeks, although this will vary from one individual to the next. Most people require at least 6 treatments. Lighter or finer hair need more treatments. There is a permanent reduction in hair growth.

Side Effects
It is rare to experience significant side effects, although the following temporary effects may occur;
  • Blistering of skin
  • Scarring
  • Redness